4 Reasons Why Your Antivirus Software Isn’t Actually Protecting Your PC

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4 Reasons Why Your Antivirus Software Isn’t Actually Protecting Your PC

If you’re like millions of PC users, then you rely on antivirus software in order to stay protected when you use your PC. Most users blindly stumble about the internet relying on their antivirus software to get them out of any sticky situations they find themselves in.

However, antivirus software isn’t as powerful and all-knowing as many users think. Today, I’m going to explain why your antivirus software may not actually be protecting your PC.

4) You’re using multiple antivirus programs

This is a difficult concept for novice PC users to understand, but having multiple antivirus programs does not actually make your computer safer – in fact, it’s the total opposite. Installing two antivirus programs on your machine can lead to serious conflicts and lapses in security – the two programs may see each other as threats and try to block each other’s processes, leaving viruses an easy path to your computer’s critical folders.

3) You’re not using a firewall


Some PC users confuse antivirus programs and firewalls. Yes, some antivirus programs come with firewalls, but others don’t. Firewalls are the first line of defense between your computer and the dangerous parts of the internet. Most routers have firewalls, which provide a modest layer of protection, but you should really be using an antivirus program that includes a firewall (the Windows Firewall is notoriously easy to hack).

2) Your license has expired


It’s very easy to ignore the warnings and messages you get from your antivirus software. “Hey, my antivirus software is bothering me with some message in the system tray, but it’s probably not important, right?” Wrong! If your antivirus license has expired, then your antivirus software becomes more and more useless with each passing day. An expired license means your antivirus software will not download updates. And since most antivirus companies release software updates on a weekly – or even daily – basis, it doesn’t take long for system security to plummet.

1) Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks have almost always been able to sneak around antivirus software. Why? Because they don’t exploit software weaknesses and security flaws; they exploit your stupidity. Yes, as smart as some PC users think they are, almost all of us have fallen victim to scams and phishing attacks at one point or another.

Phishing attacks generally occur through email or social media sites and can be difficult for antivirus software to exploit. This is one aspect of PC security that you’re just going to have to learn yourself.



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