5 Things that Modern Technology Is Making Disappear

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5 Things that Modern Technology Is Making Disappear

Everybody in this world is impacted by modern technology every day. Whether you live in the hub of Silicon Valley or in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, modern technology impacts us all.

Just how much of an impact is modern technology having on our lives? Well, it’s making certain things completely disappear. Here are 5 things that are dying out thanks to the advances of modern technology:

5) Desktop PCs, laptops, and other ‘traditional’ computers

Now, I won’t go as far to say that modern technology is making desktop computers disappear. I think there is still a place for desktop computers in our society. But that place is becoming smaller and smaller. We’re a few years away from it completely disappearing, but it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

4) Bezels


Back in the day, bezels were an important part of any TV screen. In fact, bezels basically took up most of the TV. Bezels are the casing you see around the screen. 50 years ago, there seemed to be more bezel than screen space. Today, some TVs, smartphones, and tablets come with hardly any bezel at all. Edge-to-edge devices are sleek, stylish, and sexy and they’re making bezels disappear completely.

3) Cables and wires

My mouse is wireless. My keyboard is wireless. Once my speakers and monitors become wireless I can basically put my PC in another room and still use it. We’re living in an increasingly wireless world, and the mess of cables you see under today’s desks may not be around for much longer. Wireless charging technology is becoming more and more of a reality, which means that our world could be nearly wire-free within the next few decades.


2) 3D Glasses

Sure, 3D TVs are selling decently well. But many argue that 3D TVs could be selling much better if they would just get rid of the stupid glasses. Nobody wants to wear a pair of dumb looking glasses when they sit down to watch TV – especially if they lead to a darker and more confined experience.

3D TVs may never take off. Consumers might jump straight to ultra HD TVs instead. If glasses-free 3D technology becomes mainstream and affordable, then I can see 3D TVs becoming a slightly more popular option. Until that point, 3D glasses appear to be being killed by modern technology.

1) Privacy

How many times have you ended up on a complete stranger’s Facebook profile and suddenly found yourself clicking through some intimate moments or photo albums? It’s surprising how many people leave their Facebook pages completely wide open – especially to friends of friends.

But Facebook is just one of countless examples of modern technology taking privacy away from us. Try walking down the streets of a major city without getting spotted by a dozen security cameras. Try crossing a border into another country and a satellite could spot you. Like it or not, modern technology is stealing a little more of our privacy every day.

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