Apple Releases Entry-Level iMac, But It Still Costs Over $1000

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Apple Releases Entry-Level iMac, But It Still Costs Over $1000

Are you poor but want to buy an Apple computer?

Well, I’m sorry, sir, but you’re going to have to leave the Apple Store. There’s a Best Buy down the road.

Apple is one of the world’s largest tech companies but it’s certainly not a tech company for poor people. Apple aimed to dispel that reputation with a new entry level “iMac”. Unveiled in June 2014, the new iMac costs a measly $1099.

The new entry-level iMac comes with some pretty average specs, including:

-1.4GHz dual-core i5 CPU


-500GB hard drive

-Intel HD Graphics 5000

-21.5-inch iMac

1.4Ghz CPU? Dual cores? What is this – 2004? Intel HD Graphics?


Of course, like with all Apple products, you can easily supplement your order with bonuses like a 1TB hard drive ($50), a 1TB fusion drive (SSD/HDD mixed together) for $250, or 256GB SSD for $250.

If you’re feeling rich and want the more expensive iMac, you can buy the 2.7GHz model for $1299.

You can now purchase the new entry-level iMac from the Apple Store. The $1099 model is only available in the United States: Canadian Apple users have to pay $1,149.

For most people, $1099 is a lot of money to spend on a computer – especially when you can get a PC with comparable specs for $600 to $700.

Nevertheless, it’s significant that Apple is at least trying to appeal to the budget market – something it doesn’t usually do.

Of course, until Apple releases a computer for less than $900 and a phone for less than $500, it’s tough to see it as anything but a company with expensive tech toys – and that’s exactly the reputation Apple wants to maintain.

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