Bing Hits Huge Milestone, Grabbing 20.1% of World Search Market

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Bing Hits Huge Milestone, Grabbing 20.1% of World Search Market

Back in June 2009, Microsoft launched a little search engine called Bing. In a world where only one search engine reigned supreme, few people gave Bing a chance.

But 6 years later, Microsoft has achieved an historic victory: new market share reports indicate that Bing is now used by 20.1% of the search market as of the end of March 2015.

Researchers have seen this coming for a little while: at the end of February, Bing usage was up to 19.8%.

But now, for the first time ever, Microsoft has crossed the 20.1% mark.

These numbers come from digital analytics company comScore, which released the market share numbers on April 15, 2015.

Here are the highlights from that report:

bing comscore

As you can see, Bing obviously has a long ways to go before it gets anywhere close to Google. But still, having about one third of the search engine market share of an industry giant like Google is very significant – that 0.1% decrease on Google Search is also important.

Microsoft’s climb to search engine relevancy has been slow. Back in April 2014, it maintained an 18.7% share of the search engine market. One year, later, it’s nudged up 1.4% to 20.1%.

Anyways, a total of 18.9 billion total searchers were performed on the internet in March. Of those 18.9 billion, 12.1 billion were performed by Google, while 3.8 billion were performed with Bing.

What’s the main difference between Bing and Google. Fans of Bing love talking about the following features:

-Better mobile app

-Better video search (especially for, umm, adult-style videos)

-Product reviews through Bing shopping

-A search engine page that displays coherent information instead of advertisements

-Better image search where images are sorted into categories

-Motion preview on video searches

-News that shows the top newspaper headlines

-Superior travel search

Of course, fans of Google could make all of the above points with a mixed degree of accuracy. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference (but being able to preview videos simply by hovering over them is very useful).



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