Chrome 25 Includes Voice-To-Text Capabilities for Browser Users

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Chrome 25 Includes Voice-To-Text Capabilities for Browser Users

In the future, we will probably just talk to our computers to find the information we need. And the latest release of Google Chrome is bringing that future one step closer to reality.

Google Chrome 25 includes something called Web Speech API. An API is a special programming interface that allows developers to create programs within a certain application – like Chrome. It basically means that we’ll start to see speech recognition compatibility included in popular applications and plugins.

What kinds of cool things could Chrome users do with this update? Well, in the near future, we’ll start to see apps that:

-Deliver a full browsing experience without touching your keyboard or your mouse

-Allow users to say ‘Google’ to their computer in order to immediately Google something

-Allow users to search through pages, bring up their history, or perform other useful actions using command words

It won’t be long before you can talk to apps and tell them to do all of your dirty work for you on the computer. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait until I can yell at my computer and have it accurately do the things I’m telling it to do.

Other useful Chrome 25 features

Chrome 25 is about more than just voice recognition. Here are a few other features the 25th version of the world’s fastest internet browser included:

-Security updates

-Automatic disabling of extensions that are automatically added to the browser by third-party applications (Google first announced this feature back in December 2012).

-Users will receive a “one-time prompt” to decide if they want to re-enable extensions that were automatically disabled by Chrome, otherwise they will be deleted

-Support for Content Security Policy (CSP) HTTP header blocking, which prevents malicious websites from taking over users’ computers

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