Could Your Next Computer Monitor Be Made of Mist or Bubbles?

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Could Your Next Computer Monitor Be Made of Mist or Bubbles?

The title of this article seems really stupid. How could a monitor be made from mist or bubbles? What on earth am I talking about?

According to recent research at the University of Bristol, the computer monitors of the future could be made of mist and bubbles.

Those researchers created something called MisTable, which is a mist-based system used to create a translucent display over a table top onto which 3D images can be protected.

Users can reach through the display to manipulate ‘on screen’ data. So if you had MisTable around a conference table, users could reach into the screen and change things around.

Basically, it’s a hologram. And because it’s made of mist, it’s easily adaptable to change. The system consists of five parts: a tabletop, fog machine, reservoir, distribution chamber, fog screens, and projectors.

It’s a difficult system to describe, so just watch this video:

When the actual screen is shown, it looks like Hollywood special effects. It’s as holographic as those displays in Star Wars.

Obviously, the 2D display you’re reading this on cannot display 3D effects accurately. A display based on mist or bubbles could certainly change that.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest updates to MisTable as the technology continues to advance.

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