Cyber Monday 2013 Was the Biggest Online Shopping Day in World History

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Cyber Monday 2013 Was the Biggest Online Shopping Day in World History

We’ve all heard about Black Friday and most of us have heard about Cyber Monday. Every year, these two events grow in popularity.

2013 was no different. In 2013, Cyber Monday was bigger than it has ever been before. Cyber Monday 2013 created a total of $1.375 billion in sales in America alone, which is an 18% increase from the previous record holder, which was of course Cyber Monday 2012.

During the first “32 days of the November – December buying season”, Americans spent $23.9 billion online. That figure is up 8% from the same buying period one year ago.

In total, the five days from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday saw online sales totals hit $5.3 billion, which is a 22% higher than the same 5 day period last year.

The biggest online retailers for Cyber Monday were Amazon and eBay, both of which recorded double digit increases in sales from the previous year.

black friday 2013 stats

Cyber Monday was bigger, but Black Friday was smaller

This year’s Black Friday was the most ridiculous one yet.  Just like all previous Black Fridays in America, hundreds of fights broke out at stores across America as poor people fought each other like animals to save 20% on a low-quality TV.

But at Black Friday this year, things were especially zany because some stores effectively decided to override Thanksgiving by opening at 5pm on Thanksgiving evening. This plan actually backfired because Black Friday sales were down over $1.5 billion compared to Black Friday 2012.

Did you participate in Cyber Monday this year? Or were your credit cards still bruised from the beating they took on Black Friday?

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