Dell Releases 5K Monitor that Makes Your 4K Monitor Obsolete

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Dell Releases 5K Monitor that Makes Your 4K Monitor Obsolete

Remember when you bought your first 4K monitor? You were so impressed with the clarity, the visual quality, and the sharpness.

Oh wait, you haven’t bought a 4K monitor yet? Nevermind.

Not only is your full HD monitor obsolete, but your 4K monitor is too. Dell recently released a 5K monitor that has nearly twice as many megapixels as a 4K monitor.

It’s the world’s first 5K monitor. It has a 5120×2880 resolution. There’s very little 4K content out there right now but there’s even less 5K content available. As far as I know, the video shown in the display test is the only 5K video in existence.

In other words, you have to really love technology to buy a 5K panel today.

Here are the specs of Dell’s new 5K UP2715K monitor:

-5120×2880 pixels

-27-inch Crystal Clear display panel

-14.7 megapixels versus 8.3 megapixels in a 4K panel (not quite double, but about 70% more pixels)

-218 pixels per square inch

-Color depth of 1 billion colors

-Anti-glare panel that manages to avoid glossiness

-MiniDisplayPort which you can use to “downgrade” to 4K mode

-Requires 2x DisplayPort 1.2 ports (not enough pixels can be pushed through a single DisplayPort port)

5k monitor

-The price is rumored to start at $2,499.99, which is about as much as you could possibly pay for a 28-inch monitor.

That price, however, is still less expensive than many 32-inch 4K panels – which debuted at prices of $3,500 last summer and have come down slightly in price since then.

Anyways, don’t throw out your 4K monitor just yet. Dell’s the only one making 5K monitors at this point in time and it’s unknown whether any other companies are even thinking about making 5K panels.

Still, if I had $2,500 to spend on a monitor, I think I would get this one.

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