Dell Unfazed By Microsoft’s Stupid “Scroogled” Campaign and Starts Producing Chromebooks

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Dell Unfazed By Microsoft’s Stupid “Scroogled” Campaign and Starts Producing Chromebooks

Dell used to be Microsoft’s biggest manufacturing partner. And then Microsoft made the bizarre choice to create an operating system called Windows 8.

Consumers hated Windows 8 and Microsoft’s manufacturing partners felt the pain. Sales plummeted and companies couldn’t give away Windows 8 tablets and computers. It got ugly. Fast.

Well Dell, the world’s third largest PC maker, recently announced a Chromebook of its own, which sure makes Microsoft looks silly after its enthusiastic Scroogled campaign.

The Scroogled campaign, if you need some reminder, involved weird Microsoft employees harassing random actors and trashing the Chromebook laptops for being “not real laptops.”

The bizarre campaign didn’t faze Dell. Dell recently announced a new Chromebook, called Chromebook 11, that comes with the following specs:

-Intel Celeron 2955U CPU

-11.6 inch screen

-Up to 10 hours of battery life


-4GB DDR3 RAM (2GB DDR3 RAM in the other model)

-Front facing 720p webcam

-Two USB 3.0 ports

-Bluetooth 4.0


The Chromebook is specially designed for teachers and students and is built to provide “affordable, easy access to technology at school and home.”

The Dell Chromebook 11 4GB will be available in January 2014 and the 2GB model will be available later in the first quarter of 2014. Surprisingly, both models are expected to sell for less than $300. That’s cheap for a laptop with the above specs, and you’ve gotta think that a large part of that price drop is created by not paying licensing fees to Microsoft.

Well, Microsoft. How about them apples?

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