DirectX 11.2 Will Be Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One – Will You Upgrade?

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DirectX 11.2 Will Be Exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One – Will You Upgrade?

When a new version of Windows gets released, many users are reluctant to be the first ones to upgrade. However, eventually, most PC users choose to upgrade (even if it’s a leapfrog update 10 years in the future).

Over the past few years, DirectX updates have been one major reason to upgrade to a new OS. Microsoft creates DirectX, which is the world’s most well-known collection of gaming APIs. Basically, DirectX is a programming interface that allows PC users to do all the cool things they usually do with their PC games.

Windows 8 is the exclusive home of DirectX11.1, although that hasn’t exactly fuelled a massive adoption rate. However, Microsoft recently confirmed that DirectX 11.2 will be exclusive to Windows 8.1 and Xbox One, giving the new operating system not one but two exclusive DirectX upgrades.

New DirectX11.2 features


Despite its incremental name, DirectX11.2 adds some pretty major features to the system, including:

-GPU Overlay support allows for multiple draw panes (2D art appears at its native resolution, while 3D scenes can be scaled)

-Low latency Direct3D presentation will reduce game lag

-More responsive UI in games

-HLSL shader linking

You can view a full list of DirectX11.2 changes here. Most of them are pretty technical, but the end result is that unless users switch to Windows 8, developers won’t be making DirectX11.2 users a huge priority, so you’re probably good with your DirectX11 system.

If you’re still holding onto Windows 7 (or even Windows XP), then will this be enough to make you upgrade to Windows 8.1? Probably not. But eventually, all of these enticing carrots will add up, and you’ll either upgrade to Windows 8.1 or the inevitable Windows 9.

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