“Fastest PC Browser in the World” Maxthon Nitro Now Available for Free

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“Fastest PC Browser in the World” Maxthon Nitro Now Available for Free

Most people aren’t totally happy with their internet speeds. It always feels like you can squeeze out a few extra megabits.

If you’re unhappy with your internet speeds, then check out our latest download recommendation: Maxthon Nitro Browser. That browser was recently released for free in beta form and claims to be the fastest PC browser in the world.

Maxthon Nitro is also written in shorthand as MxNitro. Here are a few of the important things to know about MxNitro and its free beta:

-Loads three times faster than previous Maxthon browser

-Fetches and loads webpages “considerably quicker” than any modern internet browser

-Maxthon enhances speed by reducing its UI load and by adding new proprietary pre-connection and pre-fetching technology

-In limited hands-on testing, Maxthon absolutely feels faster than Chrome and other browsers

-Maxthon claims that 80% of internet users say speed is their number one priority. This browser is totally dedicated to those users who love speed.

Maxthon has always focused on high-performance web browsing. This latest web browser aims to enhance that reputation. You can give the beta a try here.

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