Five Year Old Hacks Xbox One Security Hole, Microsoft Rewards Him and Fixes Flaw

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Five Year Old Hacks Xbox One Security Hole, Microsoft Rewards Him and Fixes Flaw

The Xbox One is a highly sophisticated console created in 2014 by some of the brightest tech minds in the world.

All of those minds were defeated by a five year old boy from San Diego.

A young boy named Kristoffer hacked into his dad’s Xbox One console by filling his password field with blank spaces. After typing in a wrong password for his dad’s Xbox One account, the Xbox One redirects to a password verification screen. At that screen, users can fill the field with space keys and then press Enter to gain access to the console.

Kristoffer’s dad is actually a PC security specialist and was exceptionally proud of his son when the flaw occurred. He took a video on YouTube showing his child entering the exploit:

Apparently, Kristoffer is a young hacking specialist and has hacked his dad’s tech gadgets several times over his brief lifespan. At age one, Kristoffer bypassed the toddler lock screen a smartphone by holding down the home key.

After the flaw was discovered, father and son reported the flaw to Microsoft. An embarrassed Microsoft sent Kristoffer some gifts to thank them for revealing the exploit. Kristoffer will receive four Xbox One games, $50, and a free year-long subscription to Xbox Live.

xbox one password hack

That’s it, Microsoft? You’re not going to give this kid an Xbox Live membership for life? Come on!

You can read the entire story at the ABC 10 News site from San Diego:

I’m sure this won’t be the last time we write a tech security news story about Kristoffer. The kid sounds like a hacking prodigy in the making.

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