Fixing computer PDF problems just got easier: Word 2013 supports PDF editing

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Fixing computer PDF problems just got easier: Word 2013 supports PDF editing

Most of us need to edit a PDF say, once per year. Others need to do it on a daily basis. Whether you need to edit PDFs every day or you do it once per year, you’ll appreciate a new feature from Microsoft Word 2013: the ability to view, edit, and save PDF files.

That’s right – no longer will Microsoft Office users have to embarrassingly search for ‘PDF editor’ on Google after realizing they need to change around Adobe’s flagship file format. Microsoft has made an agreement with Adobe that allows Microsoft Word users to easily change around information on any PDF file.

Best of all – early reviews of Word 2013 are saying that the PDF features in MS Word 2013 are very versatile and easy-to-use. Reviewers like Paul Thurott from WinSupersite say that the PDF features are “stunning” and offer a “new reading experience for both traditional Word documents and PDFs.” Nice!

Usually, upgraded versions of Microsoft Office don’t feature very many changes. They might upgrade the interface or make performance smoother, but upgraded features are relatively rare. Let’s hope that this isn’t the only new feature that Microsoft Word 2013 has, but we don’t have high hopes.

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