Google Will Unveil Android M at I/O Conference at End of May

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Google Will Unveil Android M at I/O Conference at End of May

Last year, Google unveiled Android L at its I/O Conference. This year, Google will reportedly unveil the next version of its operating system, called Android M.

The annual conference gets started on May 28, 2015 in San Francisco and lasts for two days. Google has traditionally unveiled new Android details at these events, and this year appears to be no exception.

Google hasn’t officially confirmed the news, but the words “Android M” were spotted on a description for one of the event’s sessions. That description has since been removed, but that’s more than enough confirmation for the internet.

As you’ve probably realized by now, Google has always named its operating systems in alphabetical fashion after various treats and desserts. Ever since the early days of Android, Google’s engineers have scrambled to think of new dessert names every year.

It all started with Android Cupcake. Last year, it was Lollipop (Android 5.0). Before that, it was KitKat (Android 4.4), which was part of a branded initiative with Nestle.

Will Android M Be Android 5.2?

So far, Android Lollipop 5.0 and 5.1 have a combined install base of just 9.7%. Manufacturers have been slow to adopt the operating system, and that means users have been left stranded on the most popular Android version, which is Android 4.4 KitKat (used by 39.8% of all Android devices worldwide).

android m 3

It’s extremely unlikely that Android M will be Android 6.0. Google traditionally waits at least 2 years before changing the first number of its mobile operating system.

And since Android Lollipop has been slow out of the gate, it seems most likely that Android M will be a smaller upgrade called Android 5.2 or 5.3. Don’t expect a major upgrade. Expect incremental changes that aim to spread Android L to a wider user base.

android m 2

What Will Android M Be Named?

Of course, the biggest question is what the name of Android M will be. Fans are already buzzing over desserts that start with M. Here are my top guesses:

-Android Milkshake: Has a nice ring to it and milkshakes are delicious. Google could also run with the slogan “it’s better than yours.”

-Android Marshmallow: Too long. Too soft. Too mushy. I can’t see Google calling their flagship mobile operating system marshmallow.

-Android Macadamia Nut Cookies: This is another long shot. But as anyone who has tried the macadamia nut white chocolate chip cookies from Subway knows, they’re absolutely freaking delicious. I’d buy a new smartphone just for the name alone.

-Android Mango: Mangos can be a dessert, right?

-Android Mango Ice Cream: Okay, that makes more sense than Android Mango.

-Android Maple Syrup: Google might try to reach out to Canadian fans and convert users all across the Great White North.

-Android Milk and Cookies: It doesn’t have the same ring as “Android Milkshake”, but Milk and Cookies is an amazing combination.

-Android Meringue: A lot of people thought Android K was going to be “Key Lime Pie”. Some Android fans are still waiting for that pie-named operating system. Google might give those fans what they want by introducing Android Meringue.

-Android Mars Bar: Sure, it’s a long shot. But 2 years ago, Google teamed up with Nestle for KitKat. Who doesn’t like Mars Bars?

If I was a betting man, I’d put money on Android Milkshake. It just rolls off the tongue. Most people like milkshakes. And mixing a lollipop with your milkshake might actually be pretty good.

Android 5.2 Milkshake confirmed.



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