Hacker Claims to Have Discovered PayPal Loophole that Gives You Infinite Money

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Hacker Claims to Have Discovered PayPal Loophole that Gives You Infinite Money

Want to make lots of money online?

Thanks to a new hacker, making money online is easier than ever! All you need to do is exploit a PayPal loophole and you’ll have infinite cash forever!

The loophole was “exposed” by a former black hat hacker who has recently gone to the ethical side of things. After being convicted of hacking into NASA’s servers (yes, NASA), Razvan Cernaianu has turned to the good side of hacking and acts as a cyber-security advisor.

Razvan claims that all you need for this scam is three PayPal accounts, a couple virtual credit cards, and a few minutes of your time.


Here’s how Razvan’s infinite money hack works:

-You need three PayPal accounts.

-One account is a legitimate account you’ll use to purchase something

-The second account is a disposable seller account linked to a virtual credit card

-The third account is a “mule account”, also linked to a virtual credit card

-To start, you transfer money to the second account from the first account with the pretext of purchasing a phone. You then transfer the money from the second account to the third account as a gift.

-After a 24 hour period, you use the chargeback function from the first account to get the money back and say that “the phone did not arrive on time”

-PayPal restores funds to your first account and you still have $500 in your third account while having a negative balance of $500 in your second account

-Since the second account is a virtual account with no real money from which PayPal can deduct a penalty, you’re left with $500 in funds restored by PayPal and $500 in your third account

-In other words, you just made $500 from “nothing”

-Razvan says that 20 people could make $10,000 every 3 weeks using this feature and a $500 buy-in

paypal 3

You can read a detailed description of the hack at Razvan’s blog here.

PayPal has issued a response to the hack and didn’t deny it was possible. It did, however, say that the accounts would likely be shut down very quickly:

“While the abuse described here is possible in our system, repeated abusive behavior by the same and/or linked account(s) is addressed).”

When asked about preventing “one-off” instances of this scam, however, PayPal had no comment. So it may not be an infinite money trick, but you may be able to pull it off a few times before being caught.

I’m not saying you should do it, of course. That would be bad.

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