How to Access Windows God Mode – Change All Settings With A Single Click

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How to Access Windows God Mode – Change All Settings With A Single Click

If you’re sick of navigating through folders and control panels trying to find the options you need, then you probably appreciate the ‘search’ feature in Windows 7, which allows you to type in a few keywords in order to find any tool or application that you require.

But what if you don’t want to type in the name of each individual application in order to change your computer settings? Today, we’re going to show you how to create a control panel that gives you access to virtually every setting on your computer, including everything in the Devices and Printers menu, the Action Center, Backup and Restore, and many other places.

It’s called the ‘God Mode’ feature, and it’s surprisingly simple to create – even if you have no experience with computers.

Simply create a new folder anywhere on your computer (we chose the desktop) and rename it as:


It’s that simple. Once you click away from the folder after renaming it, the folder instantly changes into a control panel-looking shortcut. When you click on it, you can easily access every setting from Create and format hard disk partitions to Link online IDs.

To find any particular setting, simply type a name into the search bar in the top right corner.

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