How to Change your Windows 7 Login Screen

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How to Change your Windows 7 Login Screen

If you have a password or multiple accounts setup with your Windows 7 computer, then you probably see your login screen multiple times per day. But the plain old Windows 7 login screen can get boring after a while.

Microsoft doesn’t provide an easy way to change your Windows login screen. Changing that screen requires you to either a) Edit registry entries or b) Download and install free third-party software.

If you’re like most PC users, you’d rather install a free program than edit important system files in your registry. So we’ll skip right ahead to the “install third-party software option.”

Note: If you want to change your Windows 7 login screen by editing the registry, you can follow the instructions to do that by clicking here.

Using Logon Changer to instantly change your login screen

A free third-party application has your back when it comes to editing the Windows 7 login screen. Here’s a step-by-step guide that shows you exactly how to use it:

Step 1) Download Logon Changer from here

Step 2) Unzip the app’s folder to a temporary location and run the executable file

Step 3) You’ll see a preview of your login screen. Click on any of the options buttons along the bottom of the screen to perform useful tasks.

Step 4) To change your login screen wallpaper, click the Change Logon Screen button and browse to the image you want to use. You can press Test to preview your new login screen or press Revert to Default Logon Screen to – you guessed it – restore the original Windows login screen’s wallpaper.

Once you’ve done that, your login screen will look something like this:


Good job! Keep Logon Changer on your computer for whenever you get bored of your current screen.

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