How to Experience GTA V on PC With the GTA IV North Yankton Mod

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How to Experience GTA V on PC With the GTA IV North Yankton Mod

We should be close to a GTA V release date on PC. But some PC gamers just can’t wait.

Such is the case with the GTA IV North Yankton mod. This mod brings the world of North Yankton into GTA IV on PC. That’s right: you can now explore a GTA V environment with Niko from GTA IV.

The mod is surprisingly good. The snowy detail of North Yankton has been added to the game in all its glory. The graphics look great and the only – minor – issue is that the skybox can sometimes appear “glitched out”.

You can see what I mean in the gameplay video featured below:

As anybody who has played GTA V can see, that’s “North Yankton”, which is where players start the game in GTA V. it’s where we first meet two of the three protagonists in the game – Michael and Trevor.

North Yankton seems to be the in-game name for upstate New York. When players visit the region, it’s wintertime and snow is covering the ground. This is also the only time that Grand Theft Auto has been played in the snow.

The mod also features GTA V-exclusive vehicles. However, there are no GTA V missions or gameplay. You’ll just have to wait for Rockstar to officially release the PC version of GTA V – something that could be happening within the next month or two.

How to download and install the North Yankton mod

Unfortunately, the creator of this mod – taltigolt – has no plans to release the mod and simply made it for limited release to his friends. You can demand the release of the North Yankton mod by going here:

Otherwise, the closest you can get to North Yankton in GTA IV is through that video above. You’ll just have to wait for GTA V on PC and all the amazing mods that will surely come with it.

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