How to Limit Distractions When Using Multiple Monitors With Free Eye Tracking Software ‘Diff Displays’

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How to Limit Distractions When Using Multiple Monitors With Free Eye Tracking Software ‘Diff Displays’

Multi monitor displays are becoming more and more popular among average PC users. Just a few short years ago, multiple monitors were reserved for stock analysts and high performance gamers. Today, people need multiple monitors to browse Facebook on one screen and watch Gossip Girl on the other.

Whatever you use your multiple monitors for, you will have undoubtedly noticed one problem with using so many monitors: it’s easier to get distracted.

If you’re trying to type up a Word document on one screen, then your eyes only have to dart over to the left or right to check email, sports scores, or even just stare wistfully at your desktop wallpaper (note: I do all of these things on a regular basis when I’m working.)

All of these frantic eye movements not only make you feel like you have ADHD, but they’re really bad for productivity. Fortunately, a solution is just a few easy steps away.

The easy solution


A team of researchers at the University of St. Andrews has come up with an innovative software solution called Diff Displays. Diff Displays monitors (put totally intended) where the user is looking and will dim the surrounding displays to discourage users from looking away.

Diff Displays also has another purpose: saving energy. Running a multi monitor display isn’t good for your power bill, and dimming screens that aren’t in use is an easy and effective way to save money while helping the environment.

In order to track where users are looking, Diff Displays needs a webcam. The webcam tracks the eyes of the user. It’s as simple as that – there’s no other fancy technology involved.

In fact, you can download Diff Displays today from the University of St. Andrews website. Click here to learn more about the program and download it for free today!

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