How to Manage All Your Android and iOS Devices From your PC

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How to Manage All Your Android and iOS Devices From your PC

It’s 2014, and unless you’ve been in jail for the last 30 years, you probably have multiple electronic devices in your home.

Personally, I have a desktop PC, laptop PC, eReader, smartphone, and iPod that I use on a near-daily basis. Managing all of these devices can often be a pain – especially when you’re trying to coordinate information between all of the devices or transfer files around.

That’s why I like this new free PC software program called MoboRobo, which promises to be your “all-in-one smartphone management tool.”

Here’s how MoboRobo works:

-You install the software on your PC

-You can transfer contacts between Android and iOS devices using a drag and drop interface

-Also transfer apps, wallpapers, and ringtones from your PC to your Android

-Backup information to your Pc

-Access music, image, and video files on all devices

-Transfer messages, call logs, and other information to and from your phone

-Save everything on the cloud

This isn’t the only smartphone management software you need, and it’s only going to appeal to a specialized group of users. It’s going to be particularly useful to someone who is just switching to a new Android device from an iPhone or vice versa.

moborobo pc software

Of course, you don’t have to be switching between iPhone and Android to appreciate this software. It’s also good for just wirelessly managing your Android or iPhone. Instead of constantly hooking your Android up to your PC to move files on and off it, you can do it all from the comfort of your desktop.

The software isn’t perfect. It works better with an iPhone than it does with Android, and MoboRobo tries to push you into downloading its other ‘Mobo’ apps and the Mobo app store.

But if you can get past these issues, you’ll find a functional program that lets you easily manage your Android and iOS-based devices from the comfort of your desktop computer screen.

Check out MoboRobo here:

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