How to Prevent Google Maps From Tracking Your Location History

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How to Prevent Google Maps From Tracking Your Location History

Did you know Google Maps tracks your location history? You probably did. But did you know you can still view that data years after it’s collected?

If you have an Android phone, then Google is tracking everywhere your GPS signal goes. It’s kind of creepy, kind of cool, and kind of helpful all rolled into one. You can check out your location data here:

Crazy, eh? Well, some people don’t like their data being tracked. If you’re that kind of person, then you can delete the data directly from the link above, but you have to do it day-by-day and point-by-point.

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For a more convenient and permanent way to prevent your data from being tracked, walk through the following steps:

Step 1) Go to this page:

Step 2) Click Disable

Step 3) Click Save

Google will no longer save your location data, but you’ll still be able to use your GPS on your Android phone or whatever other Google device you’re using. You can also delete more info about your location history by going to the History management page. 

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