How to Rename Multiple Files at the Same Time

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How to Rename Multiple Files at the Same Time

If you’re working with a large folder of files, then there may come a time where you need to rename a bunch of those files at once.

Today, I’m going to show you a cool little Windows trick that lets you easily edit multiple filenames and – even better – give each of those files unique names.

Here’s an easy step by step guide:

Step 1) Highlight all the files you want to edit or press Ctrl+A to highlight all files in a particular folder

Step 2) Right click on any one of the highlighted files and press Rename

Step 3) Type in whatever you want to rename the file, like HawaiiTrip

Step 4) Hit the Enter key and watch the magic happen

rename files same time

If you did it right – which you should have because those steps were really easy to follow – you’ll end up with a bunch of files sequentially named. Windows automatically fills in numbers when you enter identical file names, so you’ll end up with HawaiiTrip1, HawaiiTrip2, HawaiiTrip3, etc.

This tip works really well for photos. Let’s say you’re naming all your vacation photos a certain name plus a number, you can easily do that using this tip.

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