How to Repair Your Broken Steam Games

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How to Repair Your Broken Steam Games

Steam is an excellent gaming platform and store. However, it does have some issues. Steam occasionally breaks your games, for example, in which case you’ll need to repair your games if you ever want to play them again.

Fortunately, Steam makes it easy to repair your games and perform all sorts of game repair tasks. Today, we’re going to show you how to quickly and easily fix whatever Steam game problems you might have.

Step 1) Open Steam and go to your Library tab

Step 2) Right-click on the broken game and click on Properties

Step 3) Click Local Files from the menu that pops up

Step 4) Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache, which will prompt Steam to start checking your files and folders for any errors

Step 5) This might take some time – especially for larger games. And if you do need to repair some files, then Steam will download those files, which might be several gigabytes in size. Be patient.

Step 6) Click Play game once the process is complete to finalize the installation and repair process

Step 7) Your game should be fixed! I’ve never seen a Steam game refuse to be repaired after following the steps listed above

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If your game still doesn’t work, then it may be one of hundreds of other problems. Try downloading driver updates from Nvidia or AMD, for example. Or, Google the specific instances of your problem to see if others have encountered it before. It’s rare to find a PC problem that nobody has ever encountered before.

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