How to Tell Google to Forget You and Remove You from Search Listings

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How to Tell Google to Forget You and Remove You from Search Listings

The European Union’s Court of Justice recently declared that Google must allow Europeans to remove themselves from search listings if they so desire.

Starting today, Google will let any European citizen file a request to be removed from search listings and prevent certain links and content from appearing in search results.

You can view the Google’s data removal request form here. Basically, the form lets you type in your name, the reason for your removal request, and the specific links you want removed from search listings.

Removal requests aren’t a new thing for the search engine. Google also offers removal requests for illegal content – copyright infringement and other law-breaking materials.

Still, this is the first time the general public has been able to so easily remove themselves from search listings.

If you’re a resident of an EU country who wants personal links removed from search listings, then this is the form you fill out:


You can submit the form yourself or submit it on behalf of someone else. The URL must contain content that is:



-Otherwise inappropriate

Obviously, those are some broad categories, so Google is leaving this open to interpretation. If you have some offending search results and want them to be removed, then it’s worth a shot – especially if someone is launching a slanderous online campaign against your name.

The specific EU law states that EU citizens have the “right to be forgotten” and that they can remove outdated information about themselves from search engine results.

Once again, the link to remove search results from Google can be found here.

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