How to Use Dual or Triple Monitors Without Installing a New Video Card

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How to Use Dual or Triple Monitors Without Installing a New Video Card

Dual monitors are awesome. Triple monitors are even better – especially for gaming.

But most PC users don’t own top-of-the-line graphics cards. Instead, they’re stuck with just one or two display ports on the backs of their PCs. Why shouldn’t these people be able to embrace the future and enjoy the dual and triple monitor revolution?

Well, thanks to a new PC hardware product, anyone with a single display port can now install double or triple monitors onto their system. Today, we’re going to show you a step-by-step guide on exactly how to do that:

Step 1) You need to buy something called the EVGA DisplayPort Hub. The Hub splits your single display output into a maximum of three new outputs. You can buy the DisplayPort Hub from here for $79.99:

Step 2) Once you’ve received your DisplayPort Hub (affectionately called the DP Hub by EVGA), you simply connect a power cord and an HDMI input cord from your PC to your DP Hub. Then, connect your two or three monitors to the DP Hub using HDMI cords and the outputs on the back of the Hub.

Step 3) Plug in your monitors, turn them on, and you’re ready to go!

DP Hub supports a diverse range of resolutions, going as low as 3x800x600 or as high as 3x1920x1080. It works with laptops too and is completely silent as it’s running.

display port hub

$79.99 is cheaper than buying a new $300 graphics card. It’s also difficult to swap out the graphics card on your laptop. If you want to embrace the dual monitor or triple monitor future, then the DisplayPort Hub is a pretty good idea.

evga display port hub

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