How to Use your Computer’s Webcam as a Surveillance Camera for Free

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How to Use your Computer’s Webcam as a Surveillance Camera for Free

Want to spy on people when they use your computer? Want to see what your pets are doing all day when you’re at work? Well, do I have good news for you: today, I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily turn your computer’s webcam into a real life surveillance camera – for free!

Step 1) Download a program called AtHome Video Streamer onto your computer


Step 2) Launch AtHome Video Streamer to begin the setup process. At this point, you’ll be asked to give a username, password, registration information, and all that kind of stuff.


Step 3) In order to remotely control your new security camera, you’ll need a smartphone to download the AtHome Video Streamer app

Step 4) Open the app on your smartphone and tap the Add button

Step 5) Enter the CID from the PC application of AtHome Video Streamer and use the credentials you created in the second step to login

Step 6) You should see a list of cameras (well, you probably only have one camera on your list). Click that camera.

Step 7) At this point, you can schedule a recording for a certain time period. Personally, I prefer using the motion sensor command, which starts recording as soon as motion is registered and stops recording when motion hasn’t been detected for thirty seconds.


Step 8) Additional camera settings can be edited from the phone’s menu, including the frame rate, camera name, video quality, and resolution.

Note: the free version of AtHome Video Streamer limits users to 15 minutes of recording per day and a single connection ID. The Pro version is currently only available on iOS devices and yes, it costs money ($7.99).

But since most other remote recording programs don’t even offer a free unlimited-length trial, I like what AtHome Video Streamer has done here. Try it out today to begin spying on roommates or pets when you’re away from home.

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