Huge EA Origin Game Sale Launched Today

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Huge EA Origin Game Sale Launched Today

Steam’s annual Holiday sale has been going on for the past few days. It’s featured steep discounts on popular games – you know, just like every other holiday sale Steam has ever had.

But now, Origin wants to get a slice of the holiday game sale market. And that’s important: because very few of the games available on Origin are available on Steam.

Origin, for those who don’t know, is EA’s competing online games service. You can buy games like The Sims, Battlefield, Mass Effect, and Crysis on Origin – all of which cannot be found on Steam, at least the newer versions.

Anyways, the Origin sale has some really good deals available. Here are all the titles currently discounted:

-Battlefield 3: $1 (!!!)

-Battlefield 4: $15

-Dragon Age: Inquisition: $40

-FIFA 15: $40

-Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning: $5

-Metro Last Light: $20

-Need for Speed Rivals: $15

-Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: $7.50

-The Sims 4: $30

-SimCity: $10

-Titanfall: $10

-Tomb Raider: $10


Some of those prices aren’t too spectacular. Paying $40 for FIFA 15 isn’t anything crazy. Dragon Age: Inquisition, however, is a relatively new game which is sharply discounted from its retail price of $60. Other great deals include Titanfall, which is less than a year old, for just $10, and Battlefield 4, also a relatively new game, for $15.

Anyways, if you’re sick of giving your money to Gaben and want to give it to EA for a change this holiday season, log into your Origin account and check out the sales.

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