Internet Explorer Users Affected by Cursor Tracking Exploit

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Internet Explorer Users Affected by Cursor Tracking Exploit

Microsoft has tried to re-brand its Internet Explorer line with Internet Explorer 10. But unfortunately, it looks like IE 10 is just as vulnerable to the strange security flaws as previous versions of Internet Explorer.

Today, a computer security website called reported that Internet Explorer was experiencing a data leakage that allows websites and hackers to monitor cursor movement across the internet browser. But strangely enough, this exploit also allows websites to track cursor movement outside of the internet browser window.

This exploit isn’t limited to IE 10. It affects users of IE6, IE7, IE8, and IE9. The biggest problem with this cursor tracking exploit is that many Windows laptops and tablets have touch screen virtual keyboards. When these virtual keyboards are activated, a third-party tracking cursor movement could potentially view which buttons the user is pressing.

“No plans” to fix the exploit

For whatever reason, Microsoft claims to have “no plans” to fix the exploit at this time. Apparently, Microsoft’s security team has acknowledged that the issue exists but hasn’t decided whether or not they want to resolve the issue at this time.

You can view a detailed explanation of how this cursor exploit works by watching the video below. That video also shows you how to test that cursor exploit yourself:

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