Leak: Call of Duty Will Return to World War II in 2017

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Leak: Call of Duty Will Return to World War II in 2017

The internet is buzzing this week with leaked images of the upcoming Call of Duty game. Images appeared online showing “Call of Duty WWII”.

The poster looks pretty legitimate. It also makes sense for the Call of Duty franchise: sales have slumped in recent years (while still being very impressive), and gamers have grown tired of the “jetpacks, future weapons, advanced warfare” formula that’s been repeatedly rehashed. Many have been asking for a return to World War II.

The images can be seen on Imgur here.

The leak is traced back to a YouTube video from TheFamilyVideoGamers. That lengthy (15 minute) video is mostly some guy playing Call of Duty – but it eventually shows a Gmail email from a source called “Anon Nymous”. That email contains several images of a World War II-themed Call of Duty.

The leak explains that Call of Duty will return to its roots, and that the next game will be made by Sledgehammer games and sit in World War 2 – it could even be World at War 2.

Is It a Hoax?

Obviously, this is the internet. It could all be a hoax from some guy who knows basic Photoshop techniques.

There is some evidence that it’s legitimate, however: Activation’s COO, Thomas Tippl revealed basic information about the upcoming game at an investor call earlier this year. Tippl said that the game would take Call of Duty “back to its roots” and would feature “traditional combat”.

We won’t know whether or not it’s a hoax until late April or early May – which is when Activision typically announces its next game for the year (with the final release date in November).

What do you think? Is this fake news? Or were the leaks somehow given to an obscure YouTube gaming channel? Personally, I think the next Call of Duty will be going back to World War I or World War II – but I don’t think this latest leak contains official information from Activision.

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