Make your desktop look awesome with Rainmeter

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Make your desktop look awesome with Rainmeter

If you haven’t heard of Rainmeter, then you’re missing out on the best free desktop customization software available today. Using Rainmeter, it’s easy to make your desktop look awesome. From ultra-minimalist style desktops to complex, information-packed screens, Rainmeter allows users to customize their computer’s desktop to their heart’s content.

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a free “desktop customization tool” that allows users to add all sorts of useful features onto their desktop. They can reduce their entire desktop down to a few small icons or make their desktop look like popular video games such as Skyrim. While there are a few skins available on the Rainmeter website, skins can be found on websites across the internet, and users can even create their own skins if they’re so inclined.

Why is Rainmeter so popular? Well, Windows desktops have looked more or less the same since Windows 95. Although the Start Menu and icons have changed over the years, every Windows operating system for over a decade has featured a similar interface.

With Rainmeter, users are no longer restrained to the classic Windows interface. They can make their desktops look futuristic or just add a massive clock in the top-right corner of the screen. It’s a great way to make your PC look unique. Whether you’re using a laptop or a multi-monitor desktop, Rainmeter can help any computer look its best.

Best Rainmeter desktops

Here are a few of our favorite Rainmeter desktops from all over the internet. Using Rainmeter, you can make your desktop look just like these pictures:

Download Rainmeter

If you’re ready to check out Rainmeter for yourself, visit the official Rainmeter website today. Rainmeter comes with a few skins of its own, although you can find a number of other skin websites on the internet. Along with the official Rainmeter site we’ve listed above, visit or DeviantArt to find the perfect skin to make your desktop look awesome.

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