Michael Dell slams Microsoft Surface tablet: “The impact will be limited”

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Michael Dell slams Microsoft Surface tablet: “The impact will be limited”

When designing the Surface tablet, Microsoft knew that releasing such a device would make its manufacturing partners mad. After all, companies like Dell, HP, Asus, and others spend millions of dollars per year on Windows licenses for their own tablets and laptops. With Microsoft entering the industry in a big way with the Surface, sales of other Windows devices will undoubtedly suffer.

The latest member of the tech industry to speak out against Microsoft’s Surface is Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell. In a recent interview with PC World, Michael Dell claimed that the Surface’s “impact will be limited, given the number of units they expect to ship.”

However, Michael Dell went on to state that “we think it [the Surface] offers some great, new capabilities. Anything Microsoft does to support faster Windows 8 adoption is fine by Dell.”

Prior to answering that question, Michael Dell trumpeted the features of Dell’s upcoming Windows RT tablets. To read between the lines of the interview, Michael Dell appears to be saying that the Surface is a decent tablet, although it’s not going to cause much of a splash in the tech market. And whatever small splash is created will not be enough to impact Dell’s business.

Dell has some big plans for Windows 8, including tablets, convertible notebooks, and all-in-one PCs. The XPS 10, like the Surface, features a mobile keyboard dock that makes typing as easy as possible. According to the interview, Dell is focused on taking the existing aspects of Windows 8 tablets like the Surface and making them easier for consumers to use:

“We’re working closely with Microsoft to ensure our Windows 8 products deliver the best user experience possible.”

Do you plan on buying the Surface RT when it comes out on October 26? Or are you interested in new Dell tablets like the Dell XPS 10? Let us know in the comments section below!

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