Microsoft Employee Releases Over 300 Free eBooks for Microsoft Products

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Microsoft Employee Releases Over 300 Free eBooks for Microsoft Products

If you’re like most readers, then you want to get the most out of your Microsoft products.

Today, I’m going to show you one of the easiest and most effective ways to do exactly that.

A Microsoft employee named Eric Ligman recently released over 300 free eBooks for various Microsoft products. Eric Ligman, who is Microsoft’s senior sales excellence manager, has released free eBooks in the past, although this is his largest release to-date.

Guides range widely in terms of usefulness and quality. Some eBooks are simply sales magazines, while others are basic product guides and user manuals. And then there are highly-technical textbooks that delve deep into the inner workings of Microsoft’s products.


Sprinkled around the list of 300 free eBooks, however, are genuinely useful texts which can help average users maximize their Windows system. Those texts include:

-Windows 7 Power Guide

-Shortcut guides for almost all Microsoft products, including Office, Outlook, Windows 7, and Windows 8

-Training guides for all Office products, which may be useful for corporate users

-“A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Microsoft StreamInsight Queries”, which sounds like a lot of fun

Anyways, you can view the entire list of 300+ eBooks here. Just scroll down that page and click on the files you want to download.

windows 8

Whether you’re an IT worker who wants to teach users how to use their PCs without actually talking to them, or you’re a power PC user who wants to understand the inner workings of Windows 7, there is lots to love about this latest eBooks release.

Is 300 free eBooks not enough for you? At, we’ve got way more than 300 free articles posted on our website. Browse around and discover how you can maximize the speed and effectiveness of your Windows PC.

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