Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Take Flight Once More in 2015

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Take Flight Once More in 2015

For years, Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series amazed the world. From the very first version of the game to the masterpiece of Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator has captured generations of fans.

According to PC Gamer, a developer called Dovetail Games has licensed the Flight Simulator engine from Microsoft.

Dovetail Games is best known for developing the Train Simulator series. The company is reportedly planning to release a new FS game in 2015 based on the same technology.

The game will not officially be labeled as “Microsoft Flight Simulator”, but it will be Microsoft Flight Simulator in everything but name.

fsx 2

Dovetail also plans to re-release Flight Simulator X on Steam while fixing bugs and re-adding multiplayer support, which ended when GameSpy shut down earlier this year. Unfortunately, the license agreement does not allow Dovetail to improve Flight Simulator X’s graphics.

In any case, this is great news for flight sim fans. Over the past few years, most flight sims have been war-based or military-themed. There’s nothing wrong with that, but fans have been craving the ability to fly between real airports over real landscapes like they did in Flight Simulator X.

dovetail games

After a disappointing 2012 game called Microsoft Flight, fans have been hoping for a new and improved FSX game. This new deal with Dovetail Games appears to accomplish that goal.

If you want to experience flight simulation today without waiting, then consider trying X-Plane 10, which is about to be released on Steam and offers excellent flight simulation.

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