Microsoft Knows We Hate Internet Explorer, And It’s Created A Website to Prove It

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Microsoft Knows We Hate Internet Explorer, And It’s Created A Website to Prove It

Microsoft recently released Internet Explorer 10. Although that program technically bears the ‘Internet Explorer’ name, Microsoft promises that it has little in common with its predecessors.

That’s right: Microsoft believes IE10 is not slow, buggy, or crash-prone. Nor is it susceptible to viruses or malware. Instead, it’s a brand new browsing experience that aims to redefine the Internet Explorer brand.

And Microsoft is so confident about Internet Explorer 10 that it’s created a website called “The browser you loved to hate.” That website features some basic information about the browser along with plenty of links to social media and references to popular culture.

The website also includes plenty of pictures of people bashing Internet Explorer, particularly the much-maligned Internet Explorer 6. There’s also a “Free Tumblr theme” called “Internet Explorer: The Comeback.”

Anyways, the site is an interesting experiment in marketing, and we’ll see if it works out for Microsoft. Check out a video of the new IE10 campaign here:

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