Microsoft Office 2016 Confirms for September 22

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Microsoft Office 2016 Confirms for September 22

Office 2016 finally has a release date, and it’s closer than a lot of us were expecting. Microsoft will roll out the latest update to its Office lineup on September 22.

Office 2016 will be the first major upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship productivity software suite since the release of Office 2013.

The news was announced by Microsoft’s Julia White, general manager of Office 365 Technical Product Management, at

Businesses with volume licensing agreements won’t be able to download the new update until October 1.

Everyone else – including Office 365 subscribers – will be able to upgrade immediately on September 22.

Some of the key improvements in Office 2016 include:

-Enabling OneDrive attachments in Outlook (how did this take so long?)

-Support for formatting across multiple devices

-Real-time collaboration

-Modernized interface

-Multi-user editing

Microsoft is also rolling out changes for the way Office 365 subscribers get updates from here on out. There will be one major update branch available, including the Current Branch for Business (which provides monthly security updates and three major upgrades per year).

office 2016

The first upgrade comes in October 2015, with the second one (Current Branch for Business Update 1) coming in February 2016 and the third one (Current Branch for Business Update 2) coming in June 2016.

Server admins can read through all the technical knowledge at the blog post here.

Otherwise, Office 365 users can wait until September 22 for the Microsoft Office updates to automatically be downloaded to their computer.

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