Microsoft Promises that Windows 8.1 Will Finally Fix Windows 8 on PC

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Microsoft Promises that Windows 8.1 Will Finally Fix Windows 8 on PC

For the last 1.5 years, PC users have struggled to jump on the Windows 8 train.

Windows 8 just doesn’t have a whole lot of lovable features. Windows 8.1 kinda-sorta-maybe fixed some features, although it was still severely lacking in others – like a Start Button. It also forced users to boot into the little-used Metro UI and felt awkward to use on non-touchscreen devices.

All of these problems overshadowed the good parts of Windows 8 – like the added security features, better multi-monitor support, and countless other additions.

Finally, 1.5 years after Windows 8 was released, Microsoft may be fixing all of these problems and addressing major user complaints. That’s right: Microsoft recently announced that the Windows 8.1 Update 1 package – which arrives in Spring 2014 – will fix many of the worst problems surrounding Windows 8.

Microsoft has stated the following in regards to Windows 8.1:

“People weren’t aware where to look at for certain elements of the UI…We’re investing in a bunch of improvements to improve the non-touch experience.”

The changes revealed so far include:

-Discoverable search

-Power and setting buttons immediately accessible from the main screen

-New mouse UI with full right-click functionality

-The ability to close apps like you would close any other programs

-Easy app launching and program switching via the taskbar

Microsoft appears to be targeting this update primarily at mouse and keyboard users. It still feels that they’ve created an excellent operating system for touchscreen users but that the mouse and keyboard side of things “needs work.”

Unfortunately, it will be far too late to save the reputation of Windows 8. These changes didn’t need to happen 1.5 years after the OS was released; they needed to happen in the beta testing stage before it was ever release. Come on Microsoft!

Personally, I’m still using Windows 7 and holding out for Windows 9 or whatever Microsoft has up its sleeve for the next generation.

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