Microsoft releases critical updates on Patch Tuesday

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Microsoft releases critical updates on Patch Tuesday

When you started up your computer this morning, you might have noticed that Windows Update automatically downloaded some important software patches. Following up last month’s large Patch Tuesday, which included a number of critical features, this month’s Patch Tuesday seems to be equally as important.

Patch Tuesday is Microsoft’s monthly security update to its Windows operating system. Instead of bombarding Windows users with updates as soon as they come up, Microsoft waits to release all updates (aside from the most critical updates) on one Tuesday of every month.

This month’s Patch Tuesday features five critical updates. ‘Critical’ is Microsoft’s highest severity rating, which means these updates are very important for system security. These updates fix 26 vulnerabilities that have popped up in Windows 7, Internet Explorer, Office, and a number of other Microsoft programs.

Users of Adobe may have also downloaded a number of important security patches over the last few days. Adobe patched serious security holes in Flash and Acrobat, both of which allowed for remote code execution (effectively, hacking attacks) to be launched through websites and applications.

If Windows automatic updates aren’t turned on already, then make sure you manually update your system today! This will protect you from the latest virus threats and help you avoid having your computer taken over by hackers.

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