Microsoft Uses Pawn Stars to Make Fun of Google’s Chromebook in New Commercial

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Microsoft Uses Pawn Stars to Make Fun of Google’s Chromebook in New Commercial

Pawn Stars is one of the best shows on the History Channel. You get to learn about history and meet some pretty whacky Las Vegas visitors while watching.

Microsoft is clearly a fan of the Pawn Stars because they gave them a whole commercial to show off their bartering skills. In that commercial, the Pawn Stars are seen deriding some poor woman for bringing in a Google Chromebook.

The insults are cheap and low-quality and they don’t really make sense. For all intents and purposes, the Chromebook is a real laptop. Sure, it doesn’t run Windows, but neither does a MacBook.

Anyways, Microsoft seems to love paying random celebrities to tout its products. This is nothing new for Microsoft, but it’s still a fairly bizarre commercial.

I do like the point Rick makes about Google always trying to make money off of selling someone’s personal data. That’s exactly what they do and they “Scroogle” people every day doing it.

Microsoft, of course, is a benevolent charity that doesn’t like to make money off its customers.

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