Millions of GoDaddy sites taken down by single hacker

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Millions of GoDaddy sites taken down by single hacker

Earlier this week, millions of GoDaddy sites from around the world were taken down. The attack was initially attributed to well-known hacking groups like Anonymous, although nobody stepped up to claim responsibility for the attack.

Today, one Twitter user stepped up to take responsibility for the attack. @AnonymousOwn3r has been answering questions about the attack all day. He initially tweeted that “I’m taking godaddy down because well I’d like to test how the cyber security is safe and for more reasons that I can not talk now.”

Since that tweet, Anonymous Own3r has been answering questions and re-tweeting comments from those who support the attack.

Despite the username, it doesn’t appear that @AnonymousOwn3r has any connection to infamous hacking group Anonymous. AnonymousOwn3r is also claiming that he has access to data that was stolen during the attack, and that he’s willing to release that data onto the internet.

Although sites were taken down, GoDaddy doesn’t believe that any customer information was stolen. Credit card data, passwords, and usernames were all kept secure, and the website hosting servers were the only elements affected by the attack.

Apparently, the rogue hacker has no connection with any known hacking group, and Anonymous is distancing itself from @AnonymousOwn3r:

Today, on Wednesday, most of the sites have been brought back online, although GoDaddy is still trying to work out the last few kinks. It’s also promising to reimburse its clients for the downtime with a “special offer”, although details of that offer have not yet been released. For the latest updates on your GoDaddy-hosted websites, follow GoDaddy on Twitter.

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