“My Computer Keeps Shutting Down”. Lets fix that!

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“My Computer Keeps Shutting Down”. Lets fix that!

Are you experiencing problems from your computer regarding constant shutting down without a warning or absolutely nothing? Well, you are not alone in this as this is a very common situation. It is really frustrating to see all your hard work gone in a jiffy because your computer shut down all of a sudden without any warning. A computer shuts down due to a lot of reasons, but the prime reason is due to overheating of the components of the computer. So before you go into all the other troubleshooting methods, first try this. This method doesn’t require any skill of sort, but you will have to make sure you unplug the CPU from the power source and handle the components gently.

Heat is the element that damages and kills all components in your CPU and because of the overheating the computer instantly shuts itself down for safety of the components. First, you should make sure that there are sufficient fans within the computer case depending on your PC. If it is a high end gaming PC, it will require high grade fans to keep it cool within the computer case else a single or couple of normal fans would do. You CPU required one in the front and back to push all the hot air outside while one or more in the side to push the cool air inside.

Dirt and dust is another way which could overheat the components of your CPU as they are good insulators which prevents cool air from going in, thus heating the component. You can do two things, blow and clean all the components separately yourself or take a blower and set it up on a mild cool temperature and then remove all the dirt and dust lying over there. Make sure that you don’t keep the CPU in a closed location as it required ventilated air, so keep it in a place where air can enter and go out in all 4 directions.

Some motherboards have temperature monitor softwares inbuilt, so if the temperature seems high even after following all the instructions, add additional fans to the CPU. Another reason why your computer keeps switching off might be because of some missing Windows files or some unsuitable settings. Windows requires all of its files and settings to run smoothly and even the lack of one file or setting could result in drastic measures like the shutdown itself. To get rid of this problem, you will have to download a software like Registry cleaner to ensure that all the files and settings are made for the computer to work smoothly.

It could also be due to a virus, so update your anti-virus and scan for unwanted files in your system. If the computer sill shuts down, then it must be an individual hardware issue like the RAM or a corrupt hard disk.


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