New Indian Antivirus Software Will Protect PCs for Free

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New Indian Antivirus Software Will Protect PCs for Free

If you’re visiting, I assume you like free PC software.

Well, we have another piece of free PC software to tell you about today.

That software is called NaMo. It’s free antivirus software from an Indian company. The strange name “NaMo” comes from the name of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

India is a huge center of antivirus activity. The vast majority of PC users in India do not use antivirus software. Since India has the third highest population of internet users, this is a serious problem. By some reports, only 13% of Indian computer users use any type of PC protection software, with the vast majority of systems having no protection of any type.


The developers of the antivirus software, Innovazion, claim to have named their software ‘NaMo’ in order to reward the recently-elected prime minister:

“By building this software, we wanted to …congratulate the current government. We also want to pass a message to the government that the nation has high expectations from them.”

NaMo antivirus is totally free to use. The company, however, would not comment on its revenue model aside from claiming that it made $16 million USD in revenue this past year and expects that figure to double this year.

How is NaMo making money? We’re not sure. In fact, we may not want to know. But if you’re an Indian computer user with no PC protection looking for an easy way to protect your system, then NaMo may be a good option.

If you download NaMo and PC Cleaner Pro today, your computer will be virtually totally protected without you ever having to pay a dime!


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