PC antivirus software maker John McAfee wanted for murder

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PC antivirus software maker John McAfee wanted for murder

We don’t usually cover stories about murder charges in Belize, but this case is unique. This past weekend, computer antivirus pioneer John McAfee allegedly murdered a man in Belize.

That man was American Gregory Paul, who was shot and killed inside his home on the island of Ambergris Caye. According to Gizmodo, McAfee had recently become involved with the drug trade and Russian mafia in Belize and had been perfecting the purification of bath salts, among other types of drugs (seriously).

McAfee had even gone so far as to create an entire lab for his drug research purposes. He posted his purification adventures on a Russian website called Bluelight. According to users of that forum, McAfee had been acting paranoid and erratic over the past few weeks, which could explain the murder charges.

McAfee is currently on the run and his whereabouts are completely unknown.

In any case, it’s a dark day for computer antivirus program McAfee and its founder.

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