PC Sales Stop Sliding as Top 3 Vendors Increase Market Share

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PC Sales Stop Sliding as Top 3 Vendors Increase Market Share

Since 2010, PC sales have been in steep decline. A lot of that market share has gone towards tablets.

Some have pointed to these sliding sales as indication that we’re living in a “post PC era”. These people are right, of course. We live in a mobile world and consumers are changing their habits.

However, there is some good news for PC users: the slide appears to have stopped (more or less). Gartner recently published sales figures and revealed that PC demand appears to be circling around 75 million PCs per quarter – or approximately 300 million PC shipments per year.

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Trends within the PC industry have shifted. Demand for lower-end systems has increased, making Chromebooks a popular option.

In 2011, 365 million PCs were sold. In 2012, 353 million were sold. Today, that number hovers around 300 million per year.

Gartner estimates that year-over-year PC shipments were flat between Q2 2013 and Q2 2014. However, PC shipments were down 4.4% in the March quarter and the overall year still shows a drop of 1.7%.

Meanwhile, the top 3 PC manufacturers have increased their share of the industry. Lenovo increased their market share by 15% year-over-year and remains the top dog in the PC industry with a 20% worldwide share.

HP, in position number two, holds 18% share and gained 9% to 10%, while Dell, in third place, was up 13% and trails with a 13% to 14% market share.


Together, those three companies hold a 50%+ market share of the worldwide PC industry. Two years ago, they hold just a 41% market share.

Are PC sales strong? Not really. But they’re performing better than expected. Many people expected PC sales to continue dropping at an alarming rate. Instead, they appear to be growing relatively strongly.

Source: Forbes.com

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