PC Users Will Receive Xbox One Controller Support “Very Soon”

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PC Users Will Receive Xbox One Controller Support “Very Soon”

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were released in November 2013.

Both systems came with one included controller. The PlayStation 4 controller, however, worked natively with the PC right out of the box, while the Xbox One controller did not have the correct Windows adapters.

As a result, PC gamers continued to use their old Xbox 360 controllers for PC gaming. There’s nothing wrong with that – the Xbox 360 controller is almost universally regarded as the best gaming controller ever made.

But that doesn’t mean PC gamers aren’t excited to learn that the new Xbox One controller is about to arrive on Windows.

Microsoft recently confirmed that the PC will receive Xbox One adapters. Microsoft’s gaming spokesperson, Major Nelson responded “Soon. Very soon.” in a thread on the NeoGAF forums asking about when the PC would receive support.

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Meanwhile, a private preview released to an exclusive number of guests apparently suggested that Microsoft had already released beta versions of the software to users on May 24 and that the rest of the world would receive the update “shortly after.”

Another complication is that nobody knows what we need in order for a PC to detect the controller. Microsoft used a cryptic proprietary connection for its Xbox 360 controller, which meant the only way to use the controller was through a Microsoft dongle.

Some think that Microsoft has used Bluetooth for its Xbox One controller, making it easier to adapt to the PC without a wireless dongle. However, that seems unlikely.

When Microsoft eventually releases the Xbox One controller for PC, you’ll likely have to pay an additional $40 or $50 for the wireless dongle. Unlike with the Xbox 360 controller, there is no wired version of the Xbox One controller available as of yet.

The next Xbox One system update is expected in June, which is about when we can expect to see the Xbox One controller arrive on PC.

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