People’s Republic of China Bans Battlefield 4 For Some Reason

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People’s Republic of China Bans Battlefield 4 For Some Reason

A lot of things are banned in China. Unrestricted Google searching, for example, is banned. As is Twitter, Facebook, and most other fun websites we take for granted in the developed world.

But now the Chinese government has taken issue with something else: Battlefield 4. The country recently announced that it was banning the game from store shelves because it endangers national security.

That news was announced by the “Ministry of Culture”, which claims Battlefield 4 is an illegal video game that aggressively attacks the Chinese culture. The game and all its related properties – including Battlefield 4 news, DLC, patches, and servers – are banned from the county from hereon forward.

When the Chinese government bans something, it’s serious: Chinese computer users can no longer even search for the Chinese translation of Battlefield 4 on popular social media sites like Weibo.

This ban comes in response to the latest Battlefield 4 DLC – China Rising. In that DLC, players fight in 4 new locations across mainland China. Some also suspect that the Battlefield 4 campaign was a source of criticism for the Chinese government.

In any case, you better know how to get past the Great Firewall of China if you want to keep up with Battlefield 4 news in China anytime soon.

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