PlayStation 4 Beats Xbox One for Seventh Straight Month, Total Sales Now Double Xbox One

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PlayStation 4 Beats Xbox One for Seventh Straight Month, Total Sales Now Double Xbox One

Console sales statistics have arrived for July and it’s more great news for Sony.

The Sony Playstation 4 has outsold the Xbox One for the seventh straight month.

Since release, the Playstation 4 has sold approximately 10 million units while the Xbox One has sold approximately 5 million units.

There is good news for Microsoft: total console sales across this entire generation are outpacing total console sales for the last generation at the nine-month mark.

Microsoft also claims that its console has significantly increased its sales since they released the $399 Kinect-free console in June. In a statement, Microsoft said that console sales doubled:

“Xbox One continues to sell at a strong and steady pace following the release of the $399 console in June, when month-to-month sales more than doubled. We continued to see this momentum in July.”

Despite saying that, however, Microsoft didn’t release any specific sales figures.


The latest sales figures also show which games were popular in June and July. Ranked in order, the most popular games were:

1) Watch Dogs

2) Mario Kart 8

3) Minecraft

4) UFC

5) FIFA 14

6) NBA 2K!14

7) Wolfenstein: The New Order

8) Call of Duty: Ghosts

9) Tomodachi Life

10) Grand Theft Auto V

Mario Kart 8, which is only available for the Wii U, managed to hold down second place despite only being available for a single platform.

In any case, the Xbox One has a lot of room for improvement.  During the first few months of the console wars, many blamed the sales discrepancy on the pricing difference between the Xbox One and Playstation 4. The Xbox One cost $100 more, so fewer people purchased it.

Now that there’s a $399 Xbox One and $399 Playstation 4 available, you can’t blame the difference entirely on pricing.

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