Pokemon Go Wearable Accessory Delayed Until September

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Pokemon Go Wearable Accessory Delayed Until September

A Pokemon Go wearable accessory was originally scheduled to launch in July. However, Nintendo recently announced via Twitter that the Pokemon Go accessory won’t launch now until September.

That’s a big deal: the Pokemon Go wearable totally changes how the game is played. Right now, you have to leave your phone screen on at all times in order to be alerted about nearby Pokemon. The new accessory connects to your phone via Bluetooth to ensure you don’t miss anything when your screen is off.

Nintendo didn’t specify at which date in September the wearable will be released.

The wearable is called the Pokemon Go Plus. It’s a wrist-wearable device that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE. Instead of leaving your device’s display running at all times, you can simply wear the Pokemon Go Plus. It will vibrate and light up whenever you get close to a nearby Pokemon – or when you’re close to a PokeStop.

The Plus will roll out in September at a price of $35.

Will Nintendo be too late with the launch of Pokemon Go Plus? The mobile gaming world comes with notoriously short lifespans, and we’ve seen plenty of mobile games rise and fall in a matter of weeks (remember Trivia Crack?).

It’s unclear if Nintendo has hit production delays with the Pokemon Go Plus wearable. However, many people are speculating that Nintendo underestimated demand for the game and wants to build up more stock prior to the release.

In any case, we’ll keep you updated when we know more about the Pokemon Go Plus wearable.



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