Police Charge Colorado Man After He Shoots Computer 8 Times With Handgun

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Police Charge Colorado Man After He Shoots Computer 8 Times With Handgun

We’ve all been mad at our computers from time to time. But have you ever been so mad at your computer that you literally tried to murder it?

One man in Colorado can now say “yes” to that question. Last week, that man experienced some computer problems. Instead of running PC Cleaner Pro, installing CCleaner, or just restarting his computer, he took things a step further.

That man whipped out his handgun and fired 8 rounds into his computer’s tower.

The news was announced by Colorado Springs police on Twitter, who uploaded the picture seen below:

police colorado

The incident wasn’t quite as dramatic as you might think. The man actually pre-planned the murder execution style. He took it into the back alley behind his home and fired 8 rounds into it. This had the effect, as one police spokesperson said, of “effectively disabling it.”

Neighbors heard gunshots and called police. Police charged the 37 year old computer owner with discharging a firearm within the city. The man will face a judge before any penalties are handed out.

Unfortunately, police didn’t say exactly what the computer did to deserve its gruesome fate. They just said that the man had been in a “months-long battle with his machine before he decided to put it out of its misery.”

At least we can all agree that this dude took rage quitting to a whole new level.

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