How to Put a Password on a Google Drive Document

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How to Put a Password on a Google Drive Document

Google Docs is a popular way for teams to manage projects with multiple participants. But whether you’re dealing with a university paper or a corporate secret, giving unauthorized parties access to Google Drive is never a good idea.

That’s why implementing a password is important. Today, we’re going to show you how to put a password on a Google Drive document – something that is not yet a native feature in Google Docs.

Instead of trying to explain the password creation process here, I’m going to direct you to this page at, where the author outlined the exact process needed to put a password on any type of Google Doc. It involves using a script – already created by the author – and then using that script to display a password before entering the document.

Yes, putting a password on your Google Docs is a lot of work – more work than most of us would be able to do on our own. But if you’re protecting corporate or personal secrets, passwords are never a bad idea.

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