Help! My computer won’t play a DVD

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Help! My computer won’t play a DVD

If you’ve been having troubles getting a DVD to play on your computer, then you’re not alone. Since Microsoft doesn’t include a free DVD player on any of their operating systems, millions of users around the world are left looking for a better solution.

While some DVDs come with a built-in media player, it’s often too slow to be of any use. Sure, it can play your DVD, but skipping between chapters and navigating the menu can be a royal pain.

So what can you do to fix your PC and start playing your DVDs?

The best free DVD player for Windows is called VLC Media Player. Available HERE, this lightweight media player can play almost any movie or music file you throw at it. It handles DVDs with ease, and users can navigate through chapters and menus with quick, simple button clicks.

VLC Media Player is designed by VideoLAN, a European-based non-profit software company. VLC Media Player is completely open source, which means that it is constantly being improved and tweaked.

Why doesn’t Windows have a DVD player?

You’re probably asking yourself why Microsoft doesn’t simply include a free media player with their software. The problem is American copyright law. Due to restrictions involving an MPEG-2 decoder and Dolby Digital audio support, Microsoft would have to charge several extra dollars for their Windows operating systems in order to include these two types of software.

Since VideoLAN is a European company, it is able to skirt around American copyright law. In many parts of Europe – including France (where VideoLAN is based) – the legal system does not recognize software to be patentable. This means that VLC can freely include Dolby Digital support and MPEG-2 decoding on their software.

Since Microsoft has not yet announced plans to include a DVD or Blu-Ray player in Windows 8, next-generation users are still going to have to find a better solution for their DVD-playing issues. If you’re not already using VLC Media Player, then you’re missing out on a lot of your PC’s functionality.

To download VLC Media Player, click HERE.

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